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I couldn’t be more happy or more proud!

BJ – Baton Rouge, LA
My dear friend, a true entrepreneur at heart, is launching her very own company #GoldenLeashProducts, created and designed for the care and well-being of our much beloved pets. It’s a unique business and has an affiliate opportunity for those who are passionate about those additional “family” members. Many customers love her products and now are becoming affiliates. I can personally attest to her Moringa blend for my cat Sammie. He is 14 yrs. old and was sluggish but after a few servings he is bouncing around and as energetic as a kitten.

We assumed it was old age!

PB – Orlando, FL
Our dog turned 13 years old and was getting very slow… We assumed it was just from old age, but started him on the Moringa Dog Mix to help him with digestion. We couldn’t believe the change in him within a few days… He went from strolling along on his walks to running and even chasing squirrels. We are definitely seeing a better quality of life… Thank you for making this product.

It wasn’t the real cheap stuff but not the best either.

KB – E.Lansing, MI
We had no choice but to feed our dogs store bought kibble. It wasn’t the real cheap stuff but not the best either. They like it well enough but it seemed one or the other was always sick or had an ear infection. We started them both on the Moringa Dog mix by just adding a small amount to there food. We noticed within a few days they seemed brighter and happier, and to date we have not had any more upset tummies or ear problems.

I have 8 beagles and don’t have time

MC – Athens, GA 
I bow down to all those people that cook for their dogs or feed them expensive raw diets. I have 8 beagles and don’t have time for all that. I pour out all the food into bowls and add 1/2 tsp to each meal. The mix goes a long way because It takes so little. Now I am sure they get a balanced diet. They love the taste and lick up every bit. You can tell by the way they play that they feel better. Seeing is believing.

Thank you for giving us more quality time

MT – Palm Springs, CA
Our vet told us Bailey our Labradoodle was having Kidney failure and she would be crossing the rainbow bridge very soon. A friend gave me her bottle of the dog mix to see if it would help as she saw such great results with her dog. I am writing this to tell you that Bailey is STILL with us all these months later and seems to feel good. . Nothing the vet gave us worked. The medication made her throw up and sleep a lot. Now she eats well and is active. Thank you for giving us more quality time

I am thrilled

FL – Pine Bluff, AR
This stuff works. My umbrella cockatoo Zor stopped pulling out his feathers. His chest was almost bald and we had no idea why he did that. Whatever he was missing (yes he is a fuzzy eater) in his diet he was now getting from your green powder. It was about 2 months later I started to see he left the new pinfeathers alone. I am thrilled, and I’m sure so is Zor

My babies get all the nutrition they need

GH – Bolder, CO
When we adopted the stray and of course pregnant Kitty. She was so malnourished. Thank you so much for giving us the bottle of Cat mix for her. I felt so much better knowing she and her babies got all the nutrition they need. She had 6 happy and thank God healthy kits.