Why is it so Important to add Golden Leash Pet Products™ to your Pet’s Diet

Why is it so Important to add Golden Leash Pet Products™ to your Pet's Diet

Like humans, animals need a balanced diet to be truly healthy. Package kibble is almost always lacking. It’s manufactured for a convenient way to feed animals and to line the pockets of the manufacturers. Very sad but true.
With a deficiency of specific ingredients in manufactured pet food, your pet cannot detoxify properly. It is important for you to understand that in the long run this will be detrimental to your pet’s health. Issues including allergies, inability to fight off pests, digestive problems, skin issues, organ failure, cancer and even premature death are becoming all too common. Kibble mixes are nothing more than unhealthy additive laden, sugar coated pig food consisting of grain and corn, laced with animal bi-products which are all the parts of the animal that no one else wants, so it is ground up and labeled as food suitable for pets. They are packaged and labeled attractively, showing us pretty pictures of what we think are healthy ingredients, leading us to believe we are feeding our pets something healthy, BUT THE TRUTH IS you are not.
Research has proven that by adding Golden Leash Pet Products™ to your pets food, it covers the bases that most kibble is lacking, giving your pet everything it needs to thrive.

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