Dori first time

As Always,

In Loving Memory of Our Faithful Companion 

 DoriMae 2002 ~ 2016


We Are All About Pets and the People Who Love Them


Who would have ever thought that trying to help the health of an aging family pet would bring us to this. our research began when our own dog, DoriMae, was diagnosed with cancer. We were lucky and had a good vet that was able to remove the cancer, but we couldn’t help wonder how she got it in the first place.

The more research we did, the more it all pointed back to diet. We had fed our dogs a good quality kibble their entire life. We knew no different and believed we were doing the right thing. Then the “AH HAH” moment came when we realized things had to change. A diet of kibble alone was not working, no matter what it said on the package. We transitioned into a raw food diet which both our dogs loved and the results were easy to see.

Unfortunately, due to years of incorrect diet and the lack of natural ingredients that were properly absorbed and utilized by her system, Dori developed liver and kidney failure. We were devistated when we learned this and vowed to never let this happen to another animal if we could prevent it. We wanted to make the most natural pet supplements on the planet to help pets have a good quality of life and increase their longevity.

We know that most pet owners are going to feed their dogs kibble. The ones that have made the choice to feed home made or raw dog food still have to struggle with making sure their pets are getting everything they need to thrive. Our pets, after all, are at the mercy of what we feed them no mater how good our intentions are.

All of the ingredients in Golden Leash Pet Products™ are chosen for the health benefits they provide. Pets thrive with a sprinkle of our Moringa Pet Mix superfood supplement in their already existing diet. Our Pet Mixes are 100% natural supplements that ensure 100% of the nutrients a kibble or an unbalanced diet do not supply.

We are all about pets and the people who love them.

It was too late for my DoriMae. She passed away probably 5 or 6 years before she needed to. But because of her, our research continued and Golden Leash Pet Products™ became reality.

This company has been, and will always remain in memory of her. We are a family run business and are always available to answer questions from our customers, please Contact Us get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!