Vibrant Green and ALIVE

Moringa oleifera

I hear often, people telling me moringa tastes horrible. Well then, I need to explain the difference between what they are trying to consume and Golden Leash Pet Products™ Moringa Mixes. I personally can lick it right off a spoon as it tastes fresh and alive, not dead, bitter or filled with additives.
Unfortunately the problem with companies like Zija, Amazon or ebay is they market brands of moringa products that are sourced from places that produce for cheap mass quantity instead of quality and will process it in the fastest manor to sell. It’s grown in poor quality soil. It’s often supplemented with chemicals. They cure it with heat, killing all the nutrients and add all kinds of fillers to bulk it up. Then people wonder why it doesn’t produce the benefits they expected. This practice discredits Moringa and in turn is a disservice to our mission. The good news is that is not the case with the Moringa, which is one of the main ingredients in the Golden Leash Pet Products™ line of mixes.
Golden Leash Pet Products™ are sourced from wildcrafted, high quality A-plus organic plants. You will immediately notice, see and taste the quality of our gourmet advanced enzyme pumping fresh raw vibrant green MORINGA MIXES. It is cured properly retaining all the nutrients this amazing plant has to offer and then paired with additional complimenting ingredients to make our mixes the best on the market to date. It’s taste is vibrant and green and ALIVE.

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