Gold Ormus

Gold Ormus

Monatomic Gold Ormus is known by several names: Ormus Gold, white powder gold, and m-state gold. It has also been referred to as the “Philosopher’s Stone”. calls their Monatomic Gold “Star Food”. So what exactly is Monatomic Gold Ormus and why do we at Golden Leash Pet Products™ include it in our Pet Mixes? Well, let’s break it down:

Ormus Gold, and particularly Monatomic Gold Ormus, are metals known to be very unique. Gold Ormus ranks up there with platinum, and iridium. Referring to their atomic structure, these metals are Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. These metals do not form bonds or crystals. Instead, they exist as separate atomic particles, or single atoms, or monoatomic (single) atoms.

In the “discovery” of  Monatomic Gold Ormus, it was determined that it is not a medicine, and it isn’t “anti-anything”. It was, however determined to be a powerful “pro-life” element leading to strong health benefits:

Aids Food Absorption
Nourishes and Hydrates at the Cellular level
Generates Hydroelectric energy
Rejuvenates and Regenerates Cells
Repairs Damage to Tissues
Prevents muscle cramps
Anti-ageing support
Joint pain relief
Increases Electrolytes
Improves Vision
Increases Energy
Strengthens Bones and the Immune System
Supports and Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Level
Promotes a healthy PH balance

The Monatomic Gold ORMUS in Golden Leash Pet Products™ is, frankly, an exotic substance. In ancient cultures, it was highly-valued for its “mystical properties” and “magical powers”. In our times, it is re-emerging and coming to the forefront. Throughout history Monatomic Gold was used to heal, strengthen spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Weighing in on the “Philosopher’s Stone” aspect, mystics believe in the possibly to manipulate gravity, space and time. We are just now beginning to understand what this monatomic metal can do. Science is just now beginning to understand why Monatomic Gold ORMUs was highly prized throughout history. Until only recently, scientists have not been able to determine what it actually did. Research is slow to confirm and understand monatomic elements. The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians used Monatomic Gold or Mufkutz in sho-bread.

You can buy Monatomic Gold ORMUs on Amazon from Oralmat Products, as well as other distributors of raw, natural nutritional healthy superfoods.

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