All of our product are 100% natural.
Each ingredient is chosen for its benefits for you or your pet. Our products are better than organic! Our product ingredients are Pure Integrity Verified. This means that our Moringa Mixes are GMO Free, Beyond Organic and Toxic Free.
No GMOs or fancy chemistry went into any of our products. We strived to keep our brand as clean and as simple as possible. Our pets are our family and we value them greatly.


100% satisfaction guarantee? For real?!

All of our products are carefully inspected for quality.
Please see our Return Policy for further details.
Golden Leash Pet Products are all about the pets and the people who love them.
Your satisfaction is our priority and we will do our best to find a solution that will make you happy!
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How do I place my order?
We directly supply our Moringa Pet Mixes to you. We use PayPal for all of our orders. Our Moringa Pet Mixes go directly from our warehouse to your door with no middle-man.
You can purchase our products using all major credit cards.
I changed my mind, can I cancel or modify my order?
When you place an order, you have 24 hours to Contact Us and request a cancellation or modification. After 24 hours, we’ve already started working on your order and it is too late to cancel it or modify it.
To cancel an order, please provide all the details concerning the items you want to cancel as well as your order number.
I placed my order, but I have not received my confirmation email yet.
First, double check your spam folder and other email accounts.
Can’t find it? No panic, just contact us and we will help you!


What type of payments do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, JBC and American Express are accepted by our payment systems.
When will my card be charged?
Just after your order has been successfully placed.
What is the type of currency on your store?
All our prices are in US dollars.
How secure is my personal information?
Between the market tested securities, your information is handled only by the best in the business. The only information we have direct access to are your name, email, and shipping address.


Can I track my package?
A Tracking Number will be sent to you by email a few days after your order has been placed. If you haven’t received your tracking number within the time frames below, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist! Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your package to show up in the system.
I’m so excited to receive my order! How do I check my order status?
At this time we ship within a day of receiving your order. The best we can offer for tracking is in regards to how soon your package will arrive. Just enter the Tracking Number we emailed you on the USPS Track Orders website for up-to-date information.
I never received my package, what should I do?
If your item has not arrived within 30 days, contact us through our Contact Us page and we will do our best to help you!
How much is shipping?
Once you’ve clicked through to Secure Checkout, you can enter your delivery address and continue to shipping method. Shipping is included with your purchase.

Can I have your products shipped Internationally? Yes, we ship Internationally!


I received the wrong item, what should I do?
We apology for any inconveniences and we’d be delighted to help you right away by offering a free replacement order. Please see our return and refund policy for further instructions.

I need to return your product.
While it saddens us that you need to send back our product, we will work with you in ensuring everything goes smoothly. Please bear in mind our return and refund policy states that we cannot accept back any opened bags of moringa.


What if I encounter a problem with Paypal?
We have tried our best to streamline your purchasing experience as best we can, but we understand that problems can occur. We at Golden Leash Pet Products™ cannot directly help with any problems with Paypal regarding their systems, but can get you in the right direction with their Help Desks. Paypal.com Help Desk, 1-888-221-1161, or via Stripe at https://support.stripe.com/topics/charges-and-refunds.

I found a problem with your website!

We’re pet lovers and are not top-tier web-designers. We have tried to root out all the bugs (especially the fleas) in our website but understand that some things might go wrong. If you encounter a problem with the website, please Contact Us and let us know what broke so we may fix it. You can also reach us by using the Chat box, look for this logo FAQ  in the lower right side of the page.