Golden Leach Pet Products™ Affiliate’s
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Please note, we regularly update and expand our FAQ.
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About Sales and Earning

How much can I earn in commissions?

Affiliates earn 15% of each sale per customer. You can also earn 5% on top of another Affiliates sale when they sign up as an Affiliate with your link.

How do I earn commissions?

As long as people click your Affiliate Link, you are credited with their sale and earn your commission. Simply share your link and wait for a purchase to happen. The more people hear about Golden Leash Pet Products™, the more sales happen, the more you earn.

Do I earn if I make a purchase with my own Affiliate Link?

Yes, you may use your own Affiliate Link! Just be aware that there is no “discount” or “coupon” that appears in the Checkout if you chose to do so, and that your Affiliate Percentage will be issued to you as if it were any other sale.

When do I get my earnings?

Payments are issued on the First of Every Month. We ask that you have your PayPal or Bank Details filled in so we can compensate you in a timely manner. If you are unsure of which you have set, or if you wish to change your preferred method or bank, you can change that at any time under the Edit Profile tab.

Is there a Minimum I must earn before I can be paid?

Yes, there is a $20USD minimum that must be earned. This is in part due to banking fees on our end. Your Total Earnings do carry over each month, so there is no need to worry about earning that much every month or that your earnings will “vanish.” If you earn below $20USD one month, Do Not Worry! What you did earn will be added to next months payment distribution.

About Being an Affiliate And Our Tiers

Is there an advantage to me wanting to bring on other affiliates?

There is no required recruiting. We are a simple affiliate program. You make a 15% commission on any sales you personally make. You get an additional 5% commission from anyone who joins the program through your link and make sales. It is a 2 Tier affiliate program.

Can I bring my significant other/parents/sibling/ect?

Yes, we don’t mind if you bring them on as Affiliates; the more the merrier. Just be aware that what they earn is theirs and we do not “merge” accounts or send multiple payments to a single email.

Can I have multiple accounts?

We do not allow having multiple accounts, and if we find a user has more than one account, will shut them down.

What is 2 Tier Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, 2 Tier Affiliate Marketing is ‘You and Someone Else’. No Pyramids, No Minimums, and No Required Recruiting. As an Affiliate, you earn a part of every sale from your Affiliate Link. Your Commission Level as the “First Tier” will always be 15%. Every affiliate you bring in is a 2nd Tier Commission Level to you. Your Commission from each of their sales is 5% (they earn 15% on every sale just like you do). This does not come from your earnings; everyone earns the same from each sale. It’s only those who work extra who get extra.
The Tier System is simple.
The First Tier, or Point of Sale, earns 15% each sale.
The Second Tier earns 5% of the sale, calculated separately from the First Tier.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of Affiliates that I can have?

You can have as many Affiliates as you’d like. Heck, you don’t have to have any Affiliates if you don’t want. What we do want is to get as many pets using our Moringa Pet Mix. We want to have healthy pets!

About Posting and Marketing

What am I allowed to post?

While we are in the process of adding new advertising materials to our site (more in detail below), we generally ask that you share your link in a positive, non-spam-y manner. We also ask to Not be shared along side religious, political, or other “hot topics” that can be implied an opinion or viewpoint we either do not share or simply do not have.

Are there photos or banners I can use for promotion?

Yes, you have access, in the Ads tab,  to banners, memes, product photos, and examples of posts. You may use these to your heart’s desire. We’ve particularly thought about social media, and specifically Facebook as the target market for this area. The section is divided into Banners/Links and Creatives. Banners/Links are Golden Leash Pet Products™ photos, as well as HTML code for your website if you wish to link the photo directly to your site. Creatives are pre-written posts for those whom just need a rough-start to their social media posting.
We welcome creative sharing within our affiliate community. When you create something and you think others could benefit, please post it on our Golden Leash Affiliate page. If you prefer, you can send us your idea for a new image or a great post at

Can I create a Website for my promotions?

We’re hoping you’d be thinking about this. Having your own Website is good way to begin. You may use your Affiliate Link in your website. We suggest you begin with a free Website (such as Wix). If you are a seasoned pro and know what you want to do, Go for It.
We pretty much support what you’d like to do with Websites. If there is ever a question, please ask.
You cannot copy from our Website unless we specifically say it is okay to do. You shouldn’t copy anything from anywhere, unless you are quoting. Copying hurts ranking, and we therefore don’t support it.