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Our Moringa Pet Mixes are created from fresh raw ingredients. The entire line of Moringa Pet Mixes uses Moringa and RawMoringa K™ Complex. We know your pet’s long term health and prevention of diseases dramatically improve with Golden Leash Pet Products™ Moringa Pet Mixes.

Who would have ever thought that trying to better the health of an aging family pet with Moringa
would bring us to this?
“We are all about pets and the people who love them” isn’t just a phrase for us.
We want to make the most natural Moringa based pet products on the planet to help our much-loved pets
live a long and healthy life.
All our product ingredients are chosen for the health benefits they provide.
We are a family run business and are always available to answer questions from our customers.
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Golden Leash Moringa Pet Mixes™ is a superior natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our  mixes deliver increased energy, focus, and strength to the immune system, as well as having anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our products work so well, it’s almost like magic for those seeking overall pet health and wellness.

This groundbreaking science is backed by Harvard, Cornell, and the Mayo Clinic for absorption. We are the only raw super food produce company IN THE WORLD that can say this due to our
expert Moringa based proprietary formulation and handling.

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Moringa Mix

Golden Leash Pet Products™ mixes are a superior natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our mixes deliver increased energy, focus and strength to the immune system and has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Golden Leash Pet Products Pet Mixes are a proprietary blend of all natural moringa and RawMoringa K™ Complex, Freeze dried blend of Soursop-Annona Muricata leaves, Spirulina, Shilajit, Monatomic Gold Ormus. The blend also has a trace of Israel Dead Seasalt, Reishe Mushroom Spores & Cristals, Moringa Seed Powder Complex, S.U.S.P. Wildcraft-Organic along with additional ingredients specific to the need of each breed.

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For us, this was a tremendous undertaking – creating new products, sourcing containers, finding  the right printer – a million moving parts!

After months of dedicated work in refining both our new website and Affiliate Program,
We are Officially Open!

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